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DragonFish is a boutique farm growing high quality cannabis for more than a decade in the San Francisco Bay Area. At DragonFish, we are passionate about our flowers and interested in the art of cannabis growing. As growers and breeders, we are strain hunters on the look out for the new big strain so we can share it with the world. We are dedicated to our customer's experience, working to breed in the flavors that you like, and committed to being a model for the cannabis industry.


Sometimes labeled as a pure sativa, Red Congolese may more accurately be called a 80/20 hybrid due to the Afghani genetics that have been crossed into it to stabilize the strain. The predominant terpenes are myrcene and pinene, giving the strain its complex flavor, reminiscent of sweet citrus and herbs. These terpenes also give Red Congolese the ability to make your lungs work better (bronchodilation) and a more powerful pyschoactive effect.

The buds glisten with a web of trichomes and are covered in bright red hairs, and our DragonFish Red Congolese can often hit above 30% THC and is our highest testing strain. Red Congolese has a quick onset with a potent cerebral high, extremely euphoric and wonderful for concentration and productivity. Some sources note Red Congolese as having appetite suppressing qualities, possibly indicating higher amounts of THCV.

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We've been growing exceptionally high quality cannabis in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 13 years


We've meticulously selected the best genetics from each of our strains, making us the preferred choice of consumers & brands


Each of our strains are grown to perfection and cured thoroughly to ensure the best character & flavor

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